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SEIEE 3-223, 3-225
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai, Minhang

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Apr 07, 2024 🤗 [LLM+1] SJTU, AISpeech, and Suzhou Labs jointly released the first 10B scale large model in chemistry, with chemical capability outperforming GPT-4. [Post]
Mar 14, 2024 📃[Paper+2] Two papers from X-LANCE Lab accepted by NAACL 2024. [Post]
Feb 29, 2024 📃[Paper+3] Three papers from X-LANCE Lab accepted by COLING 2024 and WSDM 2024. [Post]

📑Selected Papers

  1. VALL-T: Decoder-Only Generative Transducer for Robust and Decoding-Controllable Text-to-Speech
    Chenpeng Du , Yiwei Guo , Hankun Wang , Yifan Yang , Zhikang Niu , Shuai Wang , Hui Zhang , Xie Chen, and Kai Yu
    CoRR, 2024
  2. ChemDFM: Dialogue Foundation Model for Chemistry
    Zihan Zhao , Da Ma , Lu Chen, Liangtai Sun , Zihao Li , Hongshen Xu , Zichen Zhu , Su Zhu , Shuai Fan , Guodong Shen , Xin Chen , and Kai Yu
    CoRR, 2024
  3. MULTI: Multimodal Understanding Leaderboard with Text and Images
    Zichen Zhu, Yang Xu , Lu Chen, Jingkai Yang , Yichuan Ma , Yiming Sun , Hailin Wen , Jiaqi Liu , Jinyu Cai , Yingzi Ma , Situo Zhang , Zihan Zhao , Liangtai Sun , and Kai Yu
    CoRR, 2024